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Live Feature Film Screenings

Opening Film Double Bill - Friday September 16th at 6pm in the
Martello Suite

Bring Out The Fear.jpg

Bring Out The Fear

A couple in a doomed relationship can't escape the forest they went for one last walk in. Paths lead nowhere, the trees never end, the sun never sets, and a sinister presence is stalking and tormenting them, trying to drive them insane...

Written and Directed by Richard Waters

Produced by Richard Waters and Alison Scarff

Running Time 73 Mins

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Friday September 16th at 815pm in the Martello Suite

Bundy Manor.jpg

Bundy Manor

When a family moves to a small town they discover an extreme haunted house run by a charming retired surgeon. Things start getting out of hand when they realize he is going too far.

Written and Directed by Alexander Watson

Produced by Terrence Kiriokos

Running Time 96 Mins

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Saturday September 17th at 430pm in the Martello Suite

Charlie Gormans Wake.jpg

Charlie Gorman's Wake

Set in the sleepy town of Ballycarraig in County Kildare Charlie Gorman's Wake is a comedic story of friendship, loyalty, and tragedy.

Directed by Paul Pender & Katie Santacroce

Written by Paul Pender

Produced by Adrian Nieves

Running Time 86 Mins

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Saturday September 17th at 630pm in the Martello Suite

FTD Poster (Portrait) 1920.png

Follow The Dead

As viral videos seem to evidence the fall of Dublin at the hands of the undead, four Millennials in rural Ireland can’t discern fake news from real. Has a dependent lifestyle left them too naive to weather their fate?

Written, Directed and Produced by Adam William Cahill

Running Time 94 Mins

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Short Feature Treble Bill
Sunday September 18th at 330pm in the Martello Suite

Coast Road.jpg

A group of tour bus passengers enjoying a pleasant day trip along scenic coastal roads, one of the passengers dies suddenly, before long, the bus driver begins to suspect that one or more of the other passengers know more than they are saying.
Taking some inspiration from French new wave of the 1960's, using minimal crew and allowing the actors to improvise the script, You, the audience will feel as though you are one of the passengers on board the murder bus.
Cinematic escapism.

Written by Brian Stynes and Michael O'Dowd

Produced and Directed by Brian Stynes

Running Time 68 Mins

Coast Road

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Trust Me.jpg

The Valley Monologues

A father and a son separated by a tragedy and 23 years, reconnected by a letter - one writing it, the other reading it.

Written, Directed and Produced by Frank W. Kelly

Running Time 54 Mins

Trust Me

A crazy couple, Noel and Maria, lose a baby in a late miscarriage and soon after ,Sarah and Rob ,a younger professional couple,move into the apartment below them expecting a baby soon.

Noel’s wants to steal the baby when it’s born,while Maria thinks it’s crazy but eventually comes around. Noel is a gangland thug. He’s trying to change his chaotic lifestyle by his relationship with Maria who he met on the Internet. She’s a mental illness and since her miscarriage is becoming unstable.

Noel plants a camera in Sarah and Rob’s apartment when returning a wine opener to spy on them. Noel’s plan is to be friends with Sarah and Rob and gain their trust. He keeps trying to get them over for dinner but while Rob agrees Sarah keeps putting him off. She doesn’t trust them

Written, Directed and Produced by Leonard Martin

Running Time 72 Mins

The Valley Monologues.jpg
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